Zumba with Keren (a social activity with health benefits!)

Last week I had my first taste of Zumba with my sister at Fitness First gym – a hilarious dance based aerobic workout that left me with no dignity but lots of laughs and yes, I did work up a bit of a sweat. So last night I gave it a second go with a friend who has been taking classes down in East St Kilda at Zumba with Keren – we’ll call her Miss K (no, not me, another K!).

The class is held in a community hall – a charming local joint filled with the sounds of rhythm, beats and an enthusiastic Keren guiding the mixed bag of girls and women trying to keep up with the steps. To be fair, Keren does lead well and it’s not too difficult to follow.

Zumba is a great after-work workout (the kind you go to when you would possibly bitch out of something more strenuous) because it’s a laugh and you do get the heart rate going. It’s fun to do with friends who have little shame and don’t mind thrusting and jumping around in a room full of people. Although only one word can describe trying to look sexy and coordinated when  you clearly are not: sad.

But do give it a go if you’re after something different and fun(ny?). I’ll be back in the groove with Miss K although it’s not going to replace my spin classes. It will be my second workout for the day when I need to up the ante, a social activity with health benefits!



  1. Hheh this looks great fun Kimberley! This Zumba seems to incorporate a lot of different dance moves – like belly dancing. There seems to be a lot of shaking too which is provbably harder than it looks:) Fun video:D

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