Turkish small plates at Gigibaba (102 Smith St, Collingwood)

My dear sister has been visiting from Sydney this week and we’ve managed to get around to some tasty places in Melbourne. On Tuesday night we wanted something light, quick and close to home so we strolled to Smith Street and fell upon Gigibaba. I’ve read only positive reviews about this Turkish delight and we were not disappointed.

The warm, quirky interior and comfortable armchairs set the scene; it was almost like sitting in someone’s aunty’s living room. From decided to share some small plates and chose lamb sausages, garlic broadbeans, baked salmon and an eggplant dish. The flavours were strong and sizes just enough although if you’re hungry you may like to follow the small plates with a main or double up on the amount we had.

A great Turkish experience although it didn’t grab me enough to go back there when there are so many other places I haven’t tried yet. Our waitress was a little abrasive – I’ve worked for many years in hospitality and an detect even a whiff of forced ‘niceness’ in service staff.



    • Ooooh I’d love to know what you cook in your tagine. I’ve been fascinated but not sure what to do with them. Speaking of cool cooking tools, I used a Paella dish to make paella on the weekend – everything cooks through so well! Glad you like the new theme but thinking it needs a little bit more personality injected, like a pic perhaps. Also thinking about going a bit more pro and getting a domain name and even a designer to create something bespoke… just throwing the idea around in my head.

  1. Cook mostly rice based stuff, aubergine mushrooms peppers onions, cajun spices meat etc. You only need a bit of liquid too as this evaporates and runs down the sides of the dome enriching the food.
    Have you played with the wordpress themes yet? great fun seeing what suits your blog the most. Latest one is Coraline and it has 5 multi layouts. I keep saying that I’ll change mine……and I will…but just not yet:)

    • Yum that sounds stunning. I love my rice based dishes, especially brown rice; I love the nutty flavour. Tagine cooking sounds fantastic, I looked up a couple of recipes and think this will be my next kitchen toy to play with!

      Having a play with the themes now… will change it around a few times before I get one I like. Might even indulge in a little web design work but will see what the templates can do first.

      • Chicken comes out perfectly in the tagine. I bought my tagine from Lakeland and it wasn’t very expensive. I like to put a few fat tomatoes in with the rice mixture (you can use cous cous too), they cook through and absorb all the flavours – just make it up as you go along:) No two dishes are the same – each tagine dish is a one off recipe:)

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