Problogger Event Round-Up #pbevent

Thanks Darren for the link and mention on your post about the day – very much appreciated!


Yesterday I was lucky enough to be at the Problogger Training Day in Melbourne run by Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett. Tweets were pumped out and I was ferociously absorbing the brilliance of all the presenters while taking notes. I’ve posted the notes for each session* as the day went on and you can find them here:

*I didn’t take notes from the case study chat with Pip Lincolne of ‘Meet me at Mike’s‘ fame – needed a time out and Pip is just the lady to sit back and really listen to – she is a lovely lady to hear stories from (and I wanted to fend off any chance of getting typers cramp!)

Although I feel I must, at this late stage, offer some kind of explanation about my blogging – I am by no means a professional blogger or really looking to head in this direction. I do it for passion and pleasure, to keep track of what I’ve been up to and to keep in touch with friends and family since moving to Melbourne. And I must confess (Darren, do you get a lot of confessions given your history?!) that I don’t check my stats or have any of the bells and whistles I probably should have … which you already know by now if you’re reading this blog!

This is my written creative outlet and a journal of sorts. But the knowledge and value I gained from yesterday’s workshop is social proof that only the passionate blog and those who are really good at what they love can indeed make a great fortune.

Thank you to Darren, Chris and all the presenters for a wonderful day. Thank you to all those who have followed my tweets, tweeted me and who I was lucky enough to meet in person.

How wonderful is this connected world we live in?!



  1. My fellow Kim, what a revamped blog, in just less than 24 hours!! Loving the new layout. Glad u enjoyed yourself. It was indeed a great day. Rest those finger now will ya. 😛 😉

    • I was influenced, what can I say?! I’d never really thought that deeply about the design of the blog as I’m nowhere near the professional blog path but since I was expecting traffic from yesterday’s event I thought I’d clean up my act AND even checked my blog stats today for maybe the third time ever. My blog’s never seen so much action in it’s life! Fingers still cranking, this time work stuff. 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for the notes. As I am very “old school” my bic and spiral notebook just couldn’t keep up. You talk about typers cramp well just imagine my poor biro abused fingers! 🙂 Thanks again for your efforts. It was a fantastic event that has left me super inspired and a bit overwhelmed by all the ideas!

    • Thanks for the StumbleUpon thumbs up – my first one (that I know of!). 🙂 I do enjoy stumbling my way through some interesting and random content for inspiration.I checked out your Timberwolf site – re your Q about hitting the right content for your audience: do you have a clear idea of who your readers are? It can be useful to create personas for your readers, detailed descriptions of who you think your readers are. E.g. Jade is a 24 year old communications professional, she likes going to the gym and eating out, she lives with her boyfriend and they like going to live music gigs on the weekend. Create as many or as few as you like – this may help you clarify your audience. Good luck!

  3. This is just spectacular – as with others, I couldn’t keep up! (I was using an iPad though, so not the best choice of note-taking devices 😛 )

    Thanks SO much for this – I will be devouring this for many weeks to come 🙂

  4. Many thanks for the note taking at an event.
    Although I was unable to attend I have a feeling reading the above, even if I had come I’d still be here using your notes 😉
    So, thanks again!

  5. Thanks everyone for your compliments and glad you’ve found my notes useful. We got through a heap in the day so the notes are lengthy and I’m sure other people’s notes will add even more value to the day too. And yes, I too will be processing them in the weeks to come! 🙂

  6. Great content! I love Problogger and would have so much fun at one of their events. The only thing that has stopped me from attending is living all the way in Florida. Someday I plan on taking a trip to Australia. So far I have started a blog about my friends in Australia. All the best to you and your blogging success.

    • Thanks Nicole – yes this content is different from my usual musings of exploring Melbourne and it’s attracted a lot of attention…I think I need to get to more of these types of events so i can keep the effort up! Darren is a lovely and knowledgable man; we are lucky to have him here in Melbourne but I know he has a busy worldwide schedule too. Hope you make it down here to visit all your Aussie friends. Best wishes.

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  10. Kimberley – Thanks a tonne for taking copious notes and making them available for all of us who couldn’t attend.

    Dinner’s on me if you happen to be in my part of the world – and I’d be happy to play your host for all the efforts you took in getting these out for us.


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