Notes from Problogger Event: PART 6: BLOGGER WORKSHOP – Chris Garrett

  • Good to personalise your blog with a photo of you/faces big enough to recognise – good for making a connection
  • Layout shouldn’t fight the content
  • Give people options to subscribe – RSS or email box to sign up immediately
  • All the important bits should be in the first screen you see – first impressions count
  • Chris’ priority is to get people on his email list
  • Plugins e.g. RSS footer with copyright message + ‘get free ebook’
  • To increase email signups put it right under your content before your comments, or occasionally in the content
  • Have a call to action for comments – tell people what you want them to do, e.g. if no comments say “add your comment now” or lots of comments “lots of comments, add yours now”
  • Use threaded comments e.g. Disqus – in some niches you can make them viral and send to FB and Twitter – comment area is threaded for better flow
  • Always respond to comments – never have a comment area where you haven’t commented at all
  • Never overestimate the intelligence of your audience

*there is a Blog Checklist from Chris Garrett I’ll scan and post tomorrow!



  1. thanks for letting me peek over your shoulder throughout today at the ProBlogger #pbevent.
    between your notes, others and the twitpix I saw I almost I feel I was there.
    I look forward to reading through them all and improving my cornerof blogland.
    again, thanks
    Jane of

  2. Thanks so much Kimberley for your awesome notes! I took heaps of notes (handwritten) and have now totally realized why I need either an IPad or MacBook now!

    • No worries! I usually handwrite but then I can’t read what I’ve written and I can’t write fast enough. Yes, the laptop proved to be more than valuable yesterday in more ways than one – would not have been as useful with my pen 🙂

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