Notes from Problogger Event – PART 5: NICHE BLOGGING – COLLIS TA’EED, FreelanceSwitch

  • Run blogs in many different niches
  • Comparisons can be good: e.g. freelance vs work; mac/iphone vs web; Psd/net vs audio à some have/haven’t worked out very well
  • Not all opportunities are the same – some blogs start rush off the ground, others are hard slog even when it’s the same team, same resources à can get different result à things are harder for some niche. Need to pick the ‘right’ niches
    • Identify niche that is a good place to grow a blog in
      • Variations on things that are already working – but get in early, be good at what you do, have a sufficiently different angle
  • Use empirical results – search rankings, popularity of posts (not just on your own blog), Adsense testing, any method where you gauge the popularity of a niche in an analytical way
  • Solve problems and leverage passions – do what you love, or solve your own problem; assume there are others out there like you (and there probably are!)
  • Use trends: pick where the market is going and bet on it e.g. Twitip; great for technology but applicable in other areas as well
  • CAPITALIZING ON OPPORTUNITIES to create killer content and monetize
    • Move quickly – it takes time to get momentum so start sooner rather than later
    • Don’t be afraid to change – give something a good go and back yourself; but recognise when to pull the plug and concentrate on different opportunity
    • Opportunity is only the beginning: execute well, create great content, be consistent, be better than your competitors

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