Notes from Problogger Event – PART 2: FINDING READERS – Darren Rowse #pbevent

  • What was your biggest traffic day and why did it happen?
  • Which readers do you want? Think about who you want to read à this will inform what you write, how you promote it, how you build your community, how you monetize à READER PROFILES (buyer personas) can help – create and develop
    • Demographics, needs/challenges, how they use the web, motivations for reading, experience level, dreams, financial situation
    • The more you know about your reader the easier it is to find them
    • Choose popular topic for your blog and posts
    • Build a home base for your social networks on your blog
    • Get of your blog: digg, flickr, stumbleupon, twitter, facebook, lifehacker etc. à develop a presence here and get to know other users. Look to sites where your audience hangs out e.g. forums
    • Build anticipation – project forward and give hints of future content
    • Start with the Readers you have – answer their questions personally: this can have a big impact
    • Celebrate your readers for helping you grow and promote the site à build community; talk about ‘our blog’
    • Build a sticky blog with engrossing content they can’t get enough of
    • Content events: write content that could go viral à look at what other people are doing and what works for them on their blogs, twitter, social networks etc
      • People like projects and DIY – how-to X
      • List posts create debate about why things were/weren’t included in the list
      • Photo only posts
      • Use familiar technologies for subscribing
      • First year/1000 posts the hardest – persist
      • Promote yourself but not too much – listen and see how people are reacting to you
      • Write content that helps people feel and identify their needs
      • TECHNIQUES: guest posting, social media sites, YouTube, SEO, Forums (e.g. produce tutorials in other people’s forums about what you know – build your own profile in someone else’s forum), Pitch to other bloggers (offer them relevant links to your content if useful for them), Leverage other online and offline presence (business card, email signature), participate in memes and projects of others (open up projects for your readers to participate in), Blogging/Web Communities (find people to collaborate with and help each other promote each other’s blogs), Competitions and Awards, Speaking at events and workshops online/offline
      • TECHNIQUES FOR FINDING READERS: blog alliances, present workshops, develop reports/whitepapers (give it as a pdf), incentivise subscriptions, interview someone/be interviewed, comment on others blogs, comment on readers blogs, promote posts or landing pages not just your blog, Advertise (SU, FB, MySpace), submit stories to media/press releases, anticipate big events (search traffic), press releases


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