Notes from Problogger Event – Panel discussion with presenters so far (see previous notes from #pbevent)

  • AWeber good for newsletter
  • Think about how you get contact details and what you will do with them – look at other places aside from blog for getting emails
  • Use something and then review it – begin with affiliations for products you use
  • Important to talk about the negatives about products as well as positives
  • Click Bank marketplace – information products for niches
  • Provide leads to affiliate companies/services – money for leads – tell people in the enquiry form you’re going to introduce them to someone who may be able to help
  • Tell people you’re getting $ for leads – e.g. “affiliate/I make money from this site info” – give people option to click and you get the $ or for the ‘clean link’
  • Finding affiliates – can build product based on building affiliate list
  • Best way to promote your product is to promote someone else’s.
  • Solve people’s problems and they’ll talk about it/recommend you
  • Give people proof – answer any objections before they’re raised

Split testing: test, measure, tweet – best business is when chris garrett has done tests à try something and test to sales/click-throughs … more people on list but less interaction à not always about initial metrics, see what customer service response is


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