Notes from Problogger Event – MONETISATION – Yaro Stanek

  • Find advertisers and sponsorship
  • Create ‘advertise’ or sponsorship page on your blog
  • ‘Advertising info’ one page explaining packages, paypal and email address to send content for the banners
  • Offsite marketing
  • Affiliate income – e.g. review products
  • Add an email newsletter to blog e.g. AWeber Communications ( – good for selling products or selling your blog
    • Post review on blog then send the link to email list
  • Create product e.g. ebook
  • Write reports – give away free report – people will share the report and you’ll get more subscribers
  • Set up blog build readership, affiliate marketing, banner ads, product à income streams
  • Income from many streams e.g. advertising, affiliate review, $ from products etc
    • Test and combine different methods for making money, find the best ones that work to get steady stream of income


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