A quickie update: Meshaya, Mr Tulk, Snow Pony

I’ve been fairly quiet on the blog front lately for a number of reasons so thought I’d do a bit of a round-up of some of the places I’ve been to recently. I must apologise for the lack of pics … once again, I am a terrible food blogger because I get so excited about the nosh I consume if before I remember to take pics.

MESHIYA: 200 Lonsdale St, Melbourne

I’ve often walked past Meshiya as it is located at the entrance to QV in Melbourne CBD, on route to and from the city for me. It’s usually full and the people always look like to be thoroughly enjoying their experience at this Japanese restaurant. Last Thursday I finally got my turn and enjoyed more than enough to confirm: yes, this is a delicious place with giant rice cookers that amuse me (even though I am no stranger to the rice cooker!).

My hot date was Marcus (usually his partner Steve would be there too but he’s enjoying the sunny north) and we had: soft shell crab, edamame, salt & pepper squid, pork belly –> for entree! for mains I had a beef dish which came with miso, rice, salad and a weird egg custard thing which I didn’t eat. Marcus had an all-in bento (ok, I made the name up but it seems appropriate!) with sashimi, two chicken dishes, miso, rice and the same weird egg custard.

Great food  and efficient service (yes, the staff actually run) – would recommend Meshaya for those wanting a good Japanese meal.

MR TULK: 304 Swanston St Walk, Melbourne

Every Friday morning the Twitter driven meet-up @socialmelb gathers from 8am at Mr Tulk, the awesome cafe in the State Library of Victoria (yes, I know, could you get more geeky!). I like to go every month and it’s always a treat to see who is there; these mornings attract a varied and dynamic group of people who love a chat and good coffee…and social media is discussed in dribs and drabs too! The space is lovely and big and we’re always at the far end of the communal table during winter, outside during the warmer months. The coffee is great and I always get food envy – the smashed avocado is a winner for me but I’m eyeing off the scrambled eggs for when I like eggs again. A great place for breakfast or a coffee.

SNOW PONY: 95 Whitehorse Rd, Balwyn

This is a gem of a find about 10 minutes out of the city and worth every mouthful of their McPony. I met my lovely friend Caitlin for  a chat, a laugh, a therapeutic vent and a quick brunch. It was bustling at 12.30 on Sunday but we were seated in their cosy back section within minutes. The menu is fantastic and I agonised for longer than it should have taken with a menu  that offers a good selection of about 40 or so dishes for breakfast and lunch.

I chose the McPony – English muffin stuffed w/ ham off the bone, emmental cheese + creamy dreamy scrambles – as I am trying to get back into eating eggs since going off them a while ago. This was the perfect choice and the perfect size for me. The coffee is smooth and the cake selection was very tempting.

Would recommend trying Snow Pony if you’re after somewhere quality and want to venture out of the city but not too far. I’ve been advised to try Porgie+Mr Jones, a venue from the Snow Pony people around the corner (ish) in Hawthorn.



  1. I second your opinion on Mr Tulk Kim – it’s a lovely cafe with great coffee and food available. It’s just a shame I always pass the cafe when I’m not interested in food or drink! If you’re in the area again, try out Rue Bebelons near the corner of Swanston and Little Lonsdale Sts – it’s also a great place for a quick drink.

    • Thanks Chris, yes it’s a lovely place and it feels quite sophisticated being located in the State Library! I’m always in and around the city so will definitely check out Rue Bebelons and let you know how I go…

      Just checked out your blog – love that it’s about Richmond it’s where I work! Will take your advice on a few of the places you’ve tried so far. If you get down to the ‘other’ end of Church St let me know if you want to catch up for a coffee – perhaps if you try Espresso 3121? Tweet me (if you’re on Twitter) @KimberleyL

      • Hi Kim, I’m not actually on Twitter anymore (I sold my iPhone and suddenly updating things on the go became way too impractical), but feel free to email me at clafreelancing [at] yahoo.com.au if you want to try and arrange a coffee.

        The next few weeks will be a little chaotic as I’m juggling holiday work with an actual holiday to the country, but by late August things will have died down if you’re still interested.

        Looking forward to more entries from you!

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