Old Spice = hot new campaign

This is a brilliant ad campaign for Old Spice that has gone viral and I know you’ve probably see it already but in case you haven’t, check it out on YouTube but also have a look around the site.

Via their ‘Ask Old Spice’ Facebook app I asked who was better and why: Old Spice Man or Perfecto Italiano Man (below)?

I wonder if they’ll get back to me…


One comment

  1. LOL! You’ve just given me a great laugh with these videos Kimberley:) Both are hilarious:) My dad used to use Old Spice!!! The advertisers probably think that all recollections of the association with ‘oldness’ has faded from memory……. (there’s always one though :)) I love the way the actor tempts women with what he perceives as sure fire traps – like diamonds….. trips, boats… (it’s working, its working…the old ones are the best:) )
    The second one about the man who can do everything. I found the knitting scene a bit disturbing. He was doing great until the knitting scene too. I don’t think the small dog helped either. the thought of him walking it – with THAT coat on (which he has probably made…)
    No, the Old Spice has it I think 🙂
    Thanks for sharing Kimberley!

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