Working on “Stroke of Genius” for the National Stroke Foundation

This month has been a busy one so far with lots of activity for one of our clients, the National Stroke Foundation. We’ve been working on the social media communications for a campaign that is a bit left of field and on the flipside of stroke; Stroke of Genius celebrates the brain and its creative ability and potential for genius ideas.

There is a hive of activity on Twitter for #sogenius and we’ve also developed their blog and main website. Would love for you to check it out and vote for your favourite Stroke of Genius and celebrity Stroke of Genius (yes, even footballer Brendan Fevola has an idea!).

Better yet, get your idea in and get everyone you know (and then some) to vote – by voting you also donate to the National Stroke Foundation – so you can win a trip to Thailand, MacBook Pro or Nintendo DSi. One condition – if you win, can I come with you please?!

Here’s a link to the blog by my boss wrote which is aptly titled: Stroke of Genius: an unabashed plug for celebrating the brain.


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