I’ve been a bit quiet in my blog of late…

I haven’t been slack I’ve been sick. So I haven’t lapsed in my blogging, I’ve just had less interesting content from my day-to-day and most of my energy has gone back into work… so all that seems to be left at the end of the day is some cough syrup and a pile of snotty tissues… hardly inspiring. But I’m on the mend and should be back in full form three to four blogs per week next week. And hopefully I’ll be back in the full swing of gym time too – it’s been way too long my fat jeans are starting to feel menacing!

I’ve also cut back on some of my ‘extra curriculars’ so I’ve got more time to fill with different activities such as my mentoring. I’m forging ahead with Spanish but have decided to do pole dancing on a casual class basis. Thinking about trying out the dance school around the corner from work and perhaps some of their acrobatics classes. Swimming with Jaselyn is also high on the agenda to really get into.

Ok, so it seems I’ve already filled the gaps!  But, open to suggestion about things to try my hand (or legs as the case may be for pole!) at.



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