SOTO (South of Toorak)

Last weekend I brunched with my lovely friend Tina at the new hot spot SOTO (formerly Pizza e Vino) which stands for South of Toorak. I’d been to that general area last time I saw Tina at Wall Cafe in Balaclava on the day of the horrendous hail. This had to be a better experience!

And I was not disappointed. SOTO was fabulous – quite large but still cosy with tables to the sides away from the draft of the front door and a dining section at the back where it looked like it could be curtained off for a more private affair.

And the food was delicious. I had the bircher muesli which was the right consistency for me somewhere between mould-able and in need of a soup spoon. The hazlenuts and chunks of apricot complimented the slightly sour natural yoghurt on the side. Tina received a very tempting looking avocado, fetta, tomato and snowpea tendril on toast dish that was not over-oiled and looked very pretty stacked with a squeeze of lemon The coffees were at my ideal temperature and I finished with a hot chocolate.

I would recommend popping in for breakfast and will certainly think about going back for a lunch and/or dinner at this charming part of Melbourne that I’ve planned on getting back to for a morning or afternoon of browsing and shopping.

517 Malvern Road, Toorak.

Tel: + 61 3 9826 8815


One comment

  1. These dishes sound delicious Kimberley! The bircher muesli is the original Swiss muesli isn’t it? I’m quite partial to it myself. You have some very nice places to eat in Melbourne i must say!

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