Next Wave – Comfort Zones

On Tuesday night I had my very first visit to a theatre restaurant at Witches in Britches but not to see the usual fanfare. I was there for the Next Wave Festival to see Comfort Zones, a program of short performances by people pushing themselves out of their comfort zones.

This meant actors taking to the stage singing (out of tune) and stripping down to their underwear whilst holding a python, crew members acting, a stand-up comedian taking her first ever saxophone exam on stage and a sax player doing stand-up.

A great concept with some fabulous acts. As for the place itself, I am jumpy at the best of times when it comes to these make believe hob-gobblins and I proceeded to nervously grab the arm of the man in front of me; unfortunate for Michael whom I’ve never met before but who was there with the people I was also with.

Thank you Joyce for inviting me to share this random but funny experience with you, Tim and Michael. And thank you for your kindness, friendship and warmth – you’ve been such an inspiring force during my time here in Melbourne.



  1. This looks great fun Kimberley I love the kind of impromtu performances – where anything can happen (and it usually does). you always feel that you might be witnessing a moment that might herald a huge talent or a special memory in history:)

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