Muttis – Austrian German cuisine (Carlton)

Last Sunday I indulged in some Austrian German cuisine with some lovely ladies at Muttis (118 Elgin Street, Carlton). Before your minds go into the gutter, Muttis actually means ‘Mother’s Kitchen’ in Austrian although I admit, before I knew this, the name made me giggle (mature, I know).

The atmosphere was warm and the service friendly and most importantly the food was delicious. Luckily all the girls were happy to share their dishes so we were able to sample a few of the mains. Starting with pretzels we continued on to triple cooked duck, pork ribeye, schnitzel, and I had “Zwiebelroastbraten’ – tender beef steak, pan seared and served with golden bratkartoffeln, garlic beans and finished in a crispy onion red wine jus  (as quoted from the menu!).

I indulged in dessert: Bienenstich – Honey and whey custard between sweet puff pastry and fresh honeycomb. A-MA-ZING!

Surrounded by professional food bloggers I do suggest you check out their recounts of the evening – Mel: Hot or Not (Joyce) and Addictive + Consuming (Penny). Both girls whipped out their super schmick cameras and I’m not sure if their posts are up yet but check back (or even better, subscribe!). In the meantime you’ll have to cope with my iPhone pics here.


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  1. Kimberley you have some amazing restaurants surrounding you! Do you eat out a lot? I’m quite enjoying these little jaunts you go on – you seem to be having a great time, Melbourne seems a wonderful place to be!

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