Cold Melbourne Night Out with Hot Friends!

Last Sunday night I was lucky enough to spend some quality time with my favourite Melbourne boys – Steve and Marcus – and the always lovely Kate. We went to test out Campari House in Hardware Lane, Melbourne, in preparation for Steve’s birthday plans.

Hidden away at the other end of town – I consider anything past Swanston heading toward Southern Cross Station the ‘other end’ – the funky restaurant/bar/lounge is a little hidden and competes with the selection of venues down the opposite end of Hardware Lane. I finally spotted the large sign, little red carpet and roping to welcome patrons and tramped up the many flights of stairs until I finally hit the charming rooftop bar.

The first thing I noticed was the smiling faces of my friends. The second thing were the empty tables and the third the funky wall made from doors. You’ll know what I mean when you see it! The menu was great – cocktails so enticing even I had one and ventured away from my usual vodka, soda, fresh lime.

Pizzas ruled the food menu and a fair selection of small plates was just enough. I had two small plates – salt & pepper calamari and the chipolatas and mushrooms which were both yummy. The boys had pizzas with perfect thin crusts and kate had two servings of balls – arancini and potato frittery ones. The food was delicious and worth the wait (yes, it did take a little while longer than it possible should have but made up for it in their deliciousness).

After that we ventured into the cold night air to Max Brenner for some chocolatey warmth with the bald man (I’m referring to Max…). It never fails to delight! I had a waffle with chocolate sauce, ice cream and sprinkles. My favourite although I could have just done with ice cream and sprinkles.

Love Magic day on Sundays (the day where you eat anything you want, no diets allowed!). And looking forward to going back to Campari House on Friday where we are indoors with a booth at the lounge thanks to the wonderful people at Campari House who are also on Twitter.



    • yes it was a little late to go there at this cold time but was still lovely. Heading there tonight for Steve’s birthday party! Hope you’re well lovely. I’ve been swimming with your mate Caitlin Barrett! Will post about that soon. x

      • What a small world! She’s lovely, no surprise you two get along. I’ll keep stalking you via your blog to see how you’re going x

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