Casa Iberica – Spanish Supermarket in Fitzroy

As we’ve been learning Spanish, last weekend mi amiga Khara took me to a Spanish supermercado on Johnston St, Fitzroy. And it is very Spanish with lots of imported yummies from Spain and South America.

They also have a massive stock of herbs, spices, and raw ingredients which is great to know – quinoa, beans, dried herbs, pastes and more. You can also pick up giant paella dishes and smaller more house-friendly sizes, and dishes for cooking on an open flame then serving.

The aromas, sights and tastes were a delight and it was fun to remember the time in spent in Spain … if only I knew some Spanish then, the shopping would have been so much faster!

There was a long queue – we went at around 2pm – but worth waiting for the beed empanada which they heated up for me. I will be going back to stock up on some olives, cheese, hams and other delicious morsels.

Worth checking out.



  1. I love supermarkets like this – full of interesting looking things (though you dont know what they are) it seems to make it all the more exciting:) Godd pix by the way too!

  2. Sorry Kimberley – my typing and eyesight is going worse, I meant GOOD pix of course! It doesn’t help that a couple of my fingertips keep splitting and are very sore, and in some cases I am not pressing hard enough on the keys:)

    • This place is so much fun I can’t wait to get back there and yes – the tins do look like a spam-y ham-y item. Hope your fingertips are ok, that sounds very sore and not helpful at all. It hasn’t stopped you from getting your fascinating blog out to the world though – lucky us!

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