Pony Lounge & Dining (The Rocks, Sydney)

One of Mum’s favourite restaurants in Sydney just so happens to belong to a good friend of mine (the PR in me thought I should disclose this early in the piece!): Pony Lounge & Dining at The Rocks. We took her there yesterday for Mother’s Day and enjoyed fine food that is consistently delicious and of top quality ingredients. Mum doesn’t like anything too “clever” preferring to savour fresh ingredients cooked to perfection. If the dish happens to be “clever” then so be it but sometimes the quality and flavours of the ingredients can be lost to the creativity of the chef.

The sun was shining and the day was perfect, with only the tiniest hint of autumn in the crispness of the air. After strolling through the charming Rocks Markets and picking up some infused vinegars and oils for our very own MasterChef mother we were seated at the long wooden communal table which works a treat in the space. And each seated group manages to retain a sense of privacy, separated by the bench seating and table lamps.

We shared some small plates for entrée – seared sirloin, calamari, frittata. For mains we each had something different which is perfect because we all got to try one another’s dish! Mum had the lamb, Dad had prawn linguine, Alex had salmon, Riordan had the venison and I had the barramundi. It was all cooked to perfection and just the right size portion.

After mains we were spoiled with a chocolatey dessert and each Mum received a little gift of hand-made truffles. A reliably top experience, Pony is a must if you’re after quality food at reasonable prices for the location, venue, service and style!


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  1. Mmmm gorgeous food Kimberley! I love venison, only discovered it relatively recently. I like the look of the Pony Lounge – the way the architect has worked with the building instead of working ‘over’ it. We have a lot of warehouse convertions in our city and a lot of old mills which are being utilised into apartments and shops. Old buildings contain layers of the past, I like the idea of adding to these layers but still retaining and respecting what has gone before. Sounds like your mum had a great time…and who wouldn’t 🙂

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