A thoughtful gift from Kate – Third Drawer Down (updated pic 6 May)

It’s sprouted well overnight it seems!!











I’ve added some updated pics of the Postgarden on 4 May, a week after I first watered the cress seeds.


Last weekend I was given a gift that is perhaps one of the most thoughtful I’ve received yet – a darling little creation in the making called a Postgarden from Kate. A Postgarden is a pop-up postcard that is embedded with seeds that you water so that a garden grown through the middle of the botanical architecturally designed Postgarden.

Without getting too personal, the gorgeous gift is symbolic of helping seed ideas and growing dreams. Thank you lovely Kate!

Kate hunted down this gem from a shop in Fitzroy called Third Drawer Down where I also picked up paint drip notebooks for the parkyoung and The Ledbetter Agency team in the parkyoung blue – all very fitting!

I’ve just opened and begun the growing process and will document the growth by updating this blog post.



  1. Kimberley, what a lovely idea! I’ve never seen these before – a wonderful gift for friends family – anyone really. You must post it’s progress! I’ve had ‘Grow a sunflower’ that did’nt work, even a Bonsai tree which did take, but foolishly I left it with my Mother when I went on holiday – it was dead when I came back, left to burn in the sun. I was most upset as I had really nurtured it. Hope yours flourishes 🙂

    • Aren’t these gorgeous! It is promptly watered and sitting on the floor of my living room so I make sure it gets light and love while I can have some privacy with the blinds down some. Ooooh Bonsai trees are hard to nurture. I’ve no greenery at my apartment but I do have very large trees in the open courtyard below so can see plenty of green from my place. But this little cress gift will be the best green inside!

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