Mezzo Bar + Grill for socialmelb dinner

Last night was a festive one for the people who normally meet for coffee on Friday mornings – some of us sporadically, others without fail and many in between. This group is coined socialmelb and was started by the delightful Kate Kendall as a way to bring a face-to-face element to the lives of online social networkers, namely Twitterers. We met for dinner at Mezzo Bar + Grill in Melbourne CBD, a venue that understands the value of social media (and I think they even offer wifi but don’t quote me on that!), a rarity and gem of a find. They are even on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

It was run superbly with a set menu of $30 per person and pay-as-you-go for drinks which worked a treat. We arrived and the entrée/starters were served in the bar area, a delicious assortment of arancini balls, seared tuna, olives, salt and pepper calamari, marinated bocconcini balls and other yummy and very substantial morsels. It was a struggle not to fill up on these!

We were seated at two long tables and selected a main from four choices: swordfish, rabbit, prawn tortellini, vegetarian gnocci. I chose the gnocci and tasted the rabbit from the plate of my dear friend Marcus. Both very nice and all meals of generous proportions.

This is a great venue and the owner Luke Stringer was a darling who welcomed the group and their tweeting with an appreciative and warm demeanour. He gave a short and sweet welcome speech with some background about Mezzo. A pleasure and far cry from the cold, hassled reception we often receive at Mr Tulk on Friday mornings despite bringing them a sizeable group to consume their wares and tweet about the venue each Friday.

I would recommend Mezzo Bar + Grill not only for their Italian inspired menu but also for the smart but warm fit-out and savvy staff who all seemed happy to be there which, for me (with a background in and passion for hospitality), is a sure sign that the experience will be a most enjoyable one.

Here are some pics I took or check out these pics on the socialmelb site.

Thank you Luke and the team at Mezzo for a truly wonderful evening. What a great way to position Mezzo as a venue that understands the changing needs and desires of their customer base, catering for these as part of a broader lifestyle offering that extends beyond their food and beverage menus (had to throw in that one last comment from a PR Communications view … a future case study perhaps?!).



  1. Looks like you had a great time Kimberely! Coincidently. we also went to my husbands works ‘do’. last weekend, When you have been with the firm for 25 years you are entitiled to go to this dinner, in a lovely venue with a free bar until midnight and free 3 course meal! We also had our photo’s taken professionally (also free) and there was a comedian on to entertain us. All in all a great time and one we look forward to going to every year needless to say 🙂

    • Wow that sounds like a wonderful way to thank long-serving employees. You must have had such a lovely evening and the pics will be great memories too. Love that they offer professional photography as well.

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