Cafe Tango – Argentinian cuisine at 107 Hoddle Street, Richmond

Last night I met Khara (my “offline friend” whom I oft refer to!) at Cafe Tango for some empanadas and Spanish practice. Since finishing Beginner 1 at The Spanish Cat with a few weeks until the next level begins, we have pledged to continue to practice and study weekly.

We shared a salad and one of each kind of empanada – spinach ricotta, beef (my favourite), one with corn and another ham and cheese. Following this we indulged (read: gorged) ourselves on the caramel cheesecake and Alfajores. These were amazing and the cheesecake the first the chef/owner has ever made. Sensational job! Just look at the pics – tasted even better than they look!

If you’re after something cheap, cheerful, delicioso and with a homey, relaxed, South American vibe (there’s a foosball table in the cafe!) this place is perfect. Trams are close and there is parking in the side streets.

This little gem on the side of a terribly busy road is run by two lovely Argentinian (I think!) sisters who offered to assist us with our Spanish practice and who run Spanish move nights on Wednesdays and speaking practice sessions on Thursdays. At the moment these evening activities are sporadic but you can sign up to receive email updates about when they’re happening.


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