Love Pho?

My gorgeous sister is visiting from Sydney this weekend and I took her to Love Pho on Church Street, Richmond for lunch today. We both chose lunch specials (and at $9 per dish they really are extra special!): Alex had beef in betel leaf with noodles and veg and I had the vegetarian Tom Yum soup. It was delicious, fresh, filling and fast – the ideal lunch break place.

Alex also had a special Vietnamese coffee which consists of a mix of black coffee filtered through a little drip coffee thingy that sits on top of your glass and slowly pours through onto a layer of sweetened condensed milk! You stir and add to a glass of ice. Amazing.

Definitely recommend Love Pho if you’re after a quality, cheap, cheerful meal. Yep, I Love Pho (ha, had to end on a Dad joke!).



  1. Ugh! – the coffee sounds a bit gross. Sweetened contensed milk should be restricted to making cheesecakes and slices or just maybe (if you’re needing to stack on a few kilos)…kept in the can and chucked into simmering water for 15 minutes until caramelised.

  2. Kimberley, they don’t seem to have these restaurants in the UK, but funnily enough they do make T shirts with ‘I Love Pho’ on 🙂 Sounds like you had some interesting food in there – though the coffee might be a little sweet for me 🙂

  3. Looks like the coffee is not a winner! Alex enjoyed every last drop and yes, it was very sweet.

    Mitch – adding Pho 236 to the diary for one of my Sydney visits.

    Mum – you gave me an idea for some fattening desserts….

    Lynda – there may be a business venture there somewhere!

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