Dumplings and cocktails (aka: cheap quick eat and luxurious beverages!)

Last night I met the ever delightful Kate Kendall for dinner and cocktails to fuel some quality catch up time. After turning away from Hu Tong Dumpling Bar due to the hour wait for a table for two (suggest you book!) we ventured into the lesser looking but still delicious Shanghai Village at 112 Little Bourke Street in the city.

The experience is not one I am used to – having to get own tea, water, cutlery, bowls and napkins from a higgledy-piggledy table  – and it’s not apparent you need to do this until they bring the food out and you have nothing but your hands to eat with.

But the prices are low and the food is decent, home cooked and not too elaborate – simple but effective. We shared steamed vegetable, chicken and prawn dumplings plus some mixed vegetables with oyster sauce. A pretty standard Kate and Kim Chinese dinner but which is a reliable combination. And it’s easy to chat between dumplings!

We headed down the lino padded stairs with views to indulge in an elaborate drink somewhere. Ending up at Emerald Peacock (also check out Mel: Hot or Not review, also where I borrowed the below picture – thank you Joyce!) we both had a fruity cocktail, the venue namesake The Emerald Peacock – mine was with alcohol and Kate’s was virgin; both delicious and just the dessert substitute we were looking for. The interior is stunning with booths and an upstairs bar. We settled into the ambience very comfortably with music loud enough to fill the place but not so intrusive we couldn’t chat and plan our life endeavours.

The Emerald Peacock, 223 Lonsdale St Melbourne



  1. Sounds fun! Why have I never had some of these dumplings? Are they like Dim Sum? My sister loves those, I looked up the calorific values once…and got a shock! Just used the link, have to say, the dumplings sound delicious : I must get out more 🙂

    • Yes they are dim sum – so yummy and I hate to think about the calories. But for me taste and foody goodness overrides caloric intake. I guess it’s lucky I have a penchant for the finer quality cuisines and not fast food fat!

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