Easter treats

I was in the office this morning reading the paper before my boss came in. We exchanged greetings and then I went back to reading. Then I went to my desk and was surprised to see this treat sitting there! Thanks Parky. It made me smile.

It also made me think about when I was young and the easter bunny left trails of white fluff from my room to the surprise which was usually a non-chocolate gift. It started out as a book for holiday reading (yes, we were reading kids who looked forward to our easter books!) and then easter pyjamas.

Loved the creativity Mum and Dad used to entertain us with. It encouraged us to use our own imaginations. Sometimes there were treasure hunts to Christmas presents or riddles we had to solve to find the gifts.

I look back now and am eternally grateful to them.

Another easter treat arrived in the post today. Granted, it was a marketing exercise I signed up for (free chocolate) it does have it’s purpose and function as an enticing word-of-mouth activity but here I am blogging about it nonetheless. I will enjoy my Fairtrade Cadbury block over the four days no doubt… if it lasts that long!



  1. Hhehe I see you love your chocolate Kimberley! Cadburys too! They’ve found that chocolate is good for you now, especially the very dark stuff (Black and Greens is very nice – but so is Bournville though it doesn’t have high Cocoa per centage as the other). I’ve not had the Fairtrade – I bet thats good stuff. All their products are excellent – including the tea bags. Have you ever had Cadbury Creme eggs, the little ones? a chocolate egg with a very sickly white and yellow ‘yolk’ filling. They set my teeth on edge thinking of them! Enjoy your Easter Chocolates!

    • Chocolate and ice cream are my two weaknesses! Dark chocolate is my favourite – I’ve recently discovered a Cocoa wine flavoured choc – sounds a bit hideous but really yummy. I like the merlot and it has grapes in it. mmm… would love a chunk now but trying to eat chocolate before noon! I love the cream eggs but have managed to stay away this year. Usually Mum gets some for us kids at Easter but since I’ve moved, it’s not as special to buy them myself. Hope you enjoyed a few eggs too.

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