Dear diary … my weekend in Sydney

Dear diary,

I popped back to Sydney for the weekend to see family and friends. I still miss them terribly and it’s still hard to farewell them at the end of the trip, perhaps even a little more this time.

On Saturday I was picked up by my favourite Jetbus shuttle at 6am to arrive about an hour ahead of my Virgin flight for my self check-in with carry on baggage only. Love self check-in, makes everything better at 6am because I can remain in my half-awake bubble where no-one else exists for just that much longer/until I’ve had a coffee. Made my way over to the gate where the Melbourne Storm team were waiting to board the flight before me … thoughts of getting on that same flight crossed my mind. Would have made it more fun I’m sure!

Arrived at Sydney and jumped on the train to Kings Cross – a very quick and easy way to get into the city from the airport, a service I haven’t used before. Headed to Spring Espresso on Macleay Street, Potts Point to meet my amazing friends – Colin, Laura and Cat. The good coffee and delicious breakfast was overshadowed by the company, conversation and laughter between us. I love them dearly. I also recommend the yummy little hot spot and definitely check out the delis and bakeries on the walk back up to the main drag.

Went to Sydney Home to see my darling family before another dear friend popped around for afternoon tea and a fruit flan I picked up in Potts Point. We chatted and reminisced and planned some adventures together in the future.

Met Cherie and my god-daughter (Cherie’s five year old) Charlize at their place and walked around to Zorba’s for a big fat Greek feast of dips, salad, lemon chicken, BBQ octopus and chips. Rolled back to their place then rolled myself home to get pretty for a night out with Moni. Loves.

Ventured out to the ever eventful venue Piano via Trademark and caught up with some familiar faces and associated personalities over some very much enjoyed CÎROC (my favourite). Had a ball as I always do with Moni and all before 12.30 am. Made it home in bed by 1am. Then heard my younger brother get home with his mates. Way to make a girl feel old and lame!

Sunday was family day at yum cha then made pizzas with Mum for dinner with my gorgeous cousin and her family – you can’t beat family. Also managed to get my flu shots and a suspicious specimen removed from my foot and sent to the pathology – thanks Dad, love having a doctor dad!

Excited to meet Jen at the airport – she’s in Melbourne today for work and flew back with me. We had breakfast at Grocery Bar (pictured below), again the good coffee and food was outshone by the company but will head back there as the menu does look yummy.

A very productive 53 hours rich with time spent with the people I love.



  1. Wow what a lot you fitted into 53 hours Kimberely! ‘Old and lame’? never in a million years! 🙂 Zorba’s sounds delightful – barbequed octopus and lemon chicken!
    What a lovely reunion – I bet your family have missed you though!

    • Productive is my middle name! Had a lovely time with my family. We are very close and I do think of them often and miss them every day. Will head back for Mother’s Day in a few months so not too long between visits. Do you have to travel to see family? And thanks for your hair compliment!

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