Michael Anderson has inspired my imagination (The Hive, Melbourne)

Last night I ventured to another wonderful event from The Hive – a networking series with an entrepreneurial bent of short presentations from successful local talents with stories to tell, advice to impart and inspiration to give. Last night’s speaker was Michael Anderson from local drinking delight Madame Brussells, an elevated kitschy indoor/outdoor bar that is a must for anyone in Melbourne – visiting and local.

Michael is a designer who views the world based on his heightened self-confessed self-awareness of his emotion and instinct at the precise moment he decides to draw on his creative cerebral powers.

In his short half hour-ish presentation Michael pointed to past and present designers, architects (he is also a studied architect) and quoted poetry. I found him to have a fascinating mind with a dry sense of humour that thinly veils sassy fabulousness.

Sadly, this refreshing lateral thinker washed over the heads of much of the audience. And I feel sorry for the rude lady who spoke loudly on her phone throughout his speech for she missed out on sharing the brilliance of Michael Anderson.

I’d like to thank The Hive organisers for continuously putting on a great show! #hivemelb



  1. I really like the Hive events, but I don’t like this venue. The place was full of after work suits, and we had to put up with them all talking, and second hand smoke.

    • It wasn’t this ‘bad’ at past events but would be good to see somewhere dedicated to the Hive for the duration of the presentation so people who are there to see the speaker actually have an audience with them. Where would you suggest for an alternative venue?

  2. I must say this Madame Brussells place looks good a hedged terrace bar eh! My sort of place with quirky furniture! Aren’t people rude, there’s nothing more annoying than people speaking on phones when there’s public speaking going on – it must be so offputting for the speaker too. I hate it when you go to the supermarket and there’s someone going down the aisle shouting into their phone ‘I’M JUST GOING DOWN THE COOKED MEAT ISLE – I CAN’T SEE THE PORK SLICES, it’s so ‘look at me, look how important I am’ lol! Why?
    Sounds fun apart from the rude one, and I bet there was sunshine (very hit and miss here)

    • It’s a darling place, a bit kitschy and quirky … different in a good way which is very Melbourne. Is there anything like this where you are? haha, your message made me laugh – know exactly what you mean about rude loud people who are too self absorbed to be considerate of others.

  3. Hey guys, I’m glad to hear you are enjoying the events. The good news is that we will be back at the Order of Melbourne next month – so it should be loud and clear again. See you there!

    • Yes they’re a winner and I like the timings – late enough to get to, early enough so it doesn’t finish too late and not too frequent so you actually can get to each event. I haven’t been to Order of Melbourne before… looking forward to it. Thanks!

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