What I bought at Costco

I had my first big Costco shop on the weekend. Met my Melbourne BFF at Queen Vic Markets for a multicultural food festival as part of the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival only to find the same food stalls that appeared at the Night Markets and the food festival we went to at Fed Square the week before. At least we can well and truly tick the food festival box on our list of ‘things to do because we live in Melbourne’. We ended up grabbing a bite from inside the bakery/deli section of the markets, some sustenance before hitting up Costco.

As alluded to in my last Costco post, I find joy in supermarket shopping. It has a strangely therapeutic effect on me so the prospect of a giant Costco shopping experience is one of excitement. Sad, I know. I wanted to share some pics with you but please not the size of the trolley which may not come through in the photos – it is about 1 x 1 x 1.2 metres in size – jumbo cart!

Khara and I stocked up on items that will last us a month and then some. I won’t have to buy toothpaste for the rest of the year after picking up a three pack for the price of one and bulk frozen berries for around $7. The money and time saved dedicated to groceries makes it well worth the membership. That and the giant swirl frozen yoghurts from the cafeteria.

NB: when looking at the total amount of items bought you must bear in mind I live in a single person household with single person consumption… I will endeavour to get a sneaky pic of someone with an overloaded trolley next time.



  1. My what bargains you got Kimberley! i think the depth of the trolley comes out well in the pics. The tins in particular look tiny. love the frozen berries – I bet they last ages and that bag of frozen veg looks huge! I can’t wait until you have a Costco party, to see what you get. The Queen Vic markets are fascinating, we have a programme , well a soap called Eastenders, which features the Queen Vic pub and is set in a market square with cockney barrow boys and such. thanks for the glimpse through the Costco keyhole!

    • It’s amazing, really! Can’t wait to crack open the berries for morning porridge and on yoghurt and ice cream, not to mention the smoothies. I’m getting an outdoor setting today so will no doubt have a Costco party in the next few weeks… will let you know via blog post.

  2. A party would be a great way of advertising Costco products – they should pay you Kimberley hehhe! I love berries and icecream (especially in a meringue nest – bet they do these too in gigantic packs!)

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