I am only now realising what this blog is about…

It may seem strange but in the course of the past months and in my attempt to blog every day it is finally becoming clear what my blog means for me. The Value-Add is a testament to the ‘other’ things I experience, my hobbies, interests and thoughts outside of work hours. A clear theme has not come through in my posts except they are all raw, honest insights and snapshots of my world.

I did start the blog with the intention of writing about PR, communications and social media but have found that, as it is what I spend the majority of my working days immersed in while awake, it is not what gets put into my posts. Obviously my profession influences the way I view things and my writing does perhaps reflect being in communications but it is not the main topic of my blogging.

Now, this doesn’t mean I love any of these things any less but it seems it is all the ‘other’ that is let loose onto the pages of the Value-Add.

And so the title of this blog has come to represent the experiences, thoughts and serendipitous ramblings that I feel add value to my world. This does seem somewhat narcissistic but I hope it also adds value to your experience and impression of me, dear reader and friend.

Has the theme of your blog changed over time too?



  1. And its turning out to be a smashing blog Kimbereley! the more you blog the more your personality ‘voice’ begins to show. My blog and your blog on the face of it wouldn’t seem to have anything in common…but they do: echostains is about communication through art and creativity and you are communicating through your personality, your experiences and your findings. You always seem to be doing something – and it’s usually interesting, coupled with your positive personality – how could you fail? Thanks – enjoying it!

    • Thank you so so much. Your ongoing support and comments really do drive me to keep going with the blog because I know you are reading it. As someone who works with words, there don’t seem to be enough to describe how thankful I am. I really do appreciate you much more than you know. So thank you.

  2. Your welcome Kimberley – I love people who communicate! Sadly so many people just don’t on some of the blogs. Sometimes it seems that you make all the comments whilst they sit back and accept them – like awards lol! I avoid them now. The people who do comment on mine are really good, generous ones though of course heheh!

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