Costco – oh yeeeeeah!

Last weekend I became a member of Costco. This may seem like an uneventful, even mundane activity to do on a weekend but those of you who know me will understand my excitement.

There is such a diverse offering from TVs to diamonds to fresh food, pre-prepared and packaged meals, alcohol, outdoor settings, snack foods, frozen food, clothing, books, DVDs, stationary and more. The brands are a mis of recognisable household brands and some US labels in the mix to keep things interesting.

The main idea is to buy in bulk which means a lot of the items are fairly cheaper. For someone living in a household of one this offering is kind of useless except that I have lots of storage space and friends who will split some items such as the 40 rolls of toilet paper.

When I went last weekend to become a member I took the tram so this limited my purchase to bulk mints, a pack of nectarines, 1 kg liquorice (about $5) and tuna (12 cans for $15). Next time I go will be by car so I can make a serious purchase. After signing up I collected my giant shopping trolley which was discarded soon after.

I will be going back for the big bags of frozen veg and berries, fresh food, bread to freeze and alcohol that is marginally cheaper. Most exciting for me is their availability of the best vodka. Ever. CÎROC.

They also have a diner-style cafeteria where you can buy giant pizza slices (each piece the size of a whole pizza), ice cream and other fat-laden heart-attacks-waiting-to-happen. No wonder Americans are fatty boombahladas.

Definitely the most fun you can have with a $60 membership.



  1. Hi Kimberley, just heard on the news last night that Costco is coming to Sydney – and conveniently located near Homebush too – not stuck out in the far west near Penrith or something.

    So I’ll be signing up – if only so I can wheel one of those ginormous trolleys around! 🙂

    Cheers, Rob.

  2. I thought about joining the UK Costco Kimberley when all the food prices started to go up. I still might, I think you could make quite a saving with joints of meat and stuff (if you shared) and its also handy when catering for parties I’ve heard. I will look into this more, thanks for reminding me! I believe they also do electrical goods at discounted prices?

  3. Rob – you will love the ginormous trolleys and the ginormous goods to put in the trolley. I’m going to go this Sunday so will take pics and report back! So much fun in a suburban housewife kind of way!

    Linds – you are a teeny tiny USA lady but you know I jest in my generalisation. come back to Melbourne already!

    Lynda – it’s incredible, especially if you have a large family or network of friends to share the stuff with. Or ample storage! I have the latter and working on building up a Costco visitor network who may want to share in the bulk buys.

    And yes, it would be amazing for catering. I’ve just bought an outdoor setting on so will hit up Costco and have an outdoor Costco party to celebrate it and the membership! So excited about Costco it’s embarrassing! Let me know if tou sign up and we can share our tales of the big C!

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