Will strip for free stuff

Following my Undies Monday post last week: I did it. I got my kit off for a free magazine today just after noon at the magnanimous Mag Nation on Elizabeth Street in Melbourne.

I changed into an easy off/easy on dress before heading out. On the train into the city I was more nervous about wearing a dress in public than being in my knickers in public! I wore a dress because, while going through the motions in my head, there was something weirder about bending down and stepping out of the legs of pants to take them off than there was about a quick single movement of changing out of and back into a dress.

The gorgeous and almost wed Joyce showed up for moral support and taking pics to document the near nakedness – thank you lovely!

Sitting out front was the man himself – Sahil Merchant – supervising the shenanigans and ensuring it all stayed ‘above board’.  Thank you for putting on a great promo where we all have an excuse to walk around in our undies at lunchtime in the CBD.

Feeling nervous but excited I scoped the shelves, confirmed with the guys behind the counter Undies Monday was still on and then headed out to Sahil and Joyce where I dumped my bag and my dress.

I chose a big glossy, wrapped in protective plastic magazine called Purple Fashion magazine that is a stunning coffee table mag that I haven’t seen before. Straight from the catwalk and lifestyles of the an international crowd, the pics are editorially risque and way more fashionable. It’s not so much the fashion part that gets me but the rockstar attitude that appeals to my inner rockstar.

This is a great, fun campaign done via social media networks and word of mouth. While I was there about five other exhibitionists stripped, claimed their prize and left happy and feeling liberated (well, that’s how I felt!). No doubt we will see plenty more action from the Mag Nation stars. They have the right attitude, sense of adventure and business sense to use social media powers for good.

So, without further ado, here is the end result.

(brought to you by Bonds!)

PS – after I’d done the deed I got dressed then undressed again to pose for some ‘poster shots’. Keep an eye on the Mag Nation blog…



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