Bonjah at the Prince Bandroom

Last Friday night my offline friend Khara and I accompanied the fabulous Jen Frahm to see a rockin’ band called Bonjah playing at the Prince Bandroom in St Kilda. Jen has been to one of their gigs before and was very emotional about seeing them again. I knew the night could only be sensational!

We met beforehand for some tapas and drinks at Pelican, located opposite the Prince and enjoyed some dips, lamb meatballs, bruschetta and beetroot salad. All delicious, all reasonably priced. Highly recommend.

A couple of support acts warmed up the crowd before the incredibly charismatic and individually gorgeous (each in their own way!) band members mesmerised the crowd with their blend of “soul, roots and rock” . The crowd was loving it and the boys did not disappoint. Luckily I had a spot up front on a raised platform and still only managed to come up to Jen’s eyebrows.

Had an absolute ball and will very happily take all Jen’s recommendations. Thanks Jen!


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