Undies Monday at mag nation (yes, I will be wearing my knickers in public!)

I was speaking with the delightful Sahil Merchant of mag nation brilliance at socialmelb a couple of weeks ago about his latest marketing activity – Undies Monday. Basically, if you enter the store in your underwear between noon and five on Mondays during March you can select one item free up to the value of $50.

And so I am endeavouring to undress for a freebie next Monday 15 March. If all goes to plan, I will do a recon and select the item I want while still dressed, then walk out and undress, walk back in, select item, take to counter, walk out happy with freebie and quickly put clothes back on.

This is a brilliant, out there, slightly risqué stunt, perfect for the mag nation brand. Even better is the way mag nation has changed the terms and conditions after a good first Monday response to include the below disclaimer:

We did say in our original post that this offer lasts until the 29th of March (or earlier at our discretion if we determine that Undies Monday will lead to our ruination)

It is refreshing to see a brand able to change the terms and conditions of a competition mid-stream (so to speak) and for its customers and audience to accept this change of course. This is made possible by the kind of brand mag nation is – open, experimental, for the people, edgy and just so damn cool.

Will keep you updated about my near nude naughtiness…


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