10 Billion tweets

The 10 billionth tweet was pushed out today. It was in Chinese and the Tweeter has a locked profile but, talking in billions is big. I was keeping an eye on the GigaTweet counter all morning. I turned away for a second when my boss returned from a meeting and said “oh look!”. So I turned to look at him and he was pointing at my screen, “ten billion tweets!”.

Yes, I missed the moment it clicked over but managed to capture a screen shot shortly after.

10 billion tweets

I am not one to keep watch of my follower numbers or tweet numbers but thought this would be a good opportunity to make a note of this day. My contribution to the 10 billion tweets stands at 11,035 tweets. I follow 1,524 people and 1,558 people follow me.

The value of Twitter for me has been one of surprising levels of greatness. Not only have I connected with many wonderful people and was recruited into my current job but it is where I keep in touch with friends and discover news from across the globe.


One comment

  1. You put me to shame Kimberley, with my minute tweets. So that is what a million tweets look like eh – is this the day it crashed for a bit? I’ve not been on Twitter long and I’m never sure who to follow. Few people I know seem to have taken to it and they’re STILL playing about on facebook (a place I rarely go now). I think it’s fabulous that you got a job out of Twitter though – congratulations!

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