Overcoming fear of tram

As some of you know I have a fear of trams that I am overcoming and today I think I passed a milestone – managed to get two trams and arrive early at the destination! Becoming more and more confident, especially waiting in the middle of the road at the tram stops with traffic whizzing past on either side.

No offense Melbourne, but, while the trams are frequent and many, not sure where the genius is in putting such big vehicles on the same track as people, cars and bikes!

But I am making peace with the beasts of metlink.



  1. You have my sympathy Kimberley! We have them in Manchester and they’re a nightmare. Sometimes you can’t tell which is tram track and which is pavement – it’s very confusing. Plus they can’t stop – really scarey. Don’t like them at all. Glad you got that milestone out of the way!

    • I have completed what I like to call an assisted hook turn where they have a flashing sign telling you when to go and a line to drive up to! Haven’t gone out on my own in the middle of the city to do one yet – trying to avoid that incident … as I would advise others to avoid me when I am attempting that. 😀

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