What do you like to read in blogs?

I feel I am cheating a little by using this question as a post but I really do feel it will be encouraging to know what you like to read about in blogs.

Is it true – are you drawn to lists e.g. five things, three ways, ten steps to X? Do you like ‘how to’ blogs?

Looking at my Google Reader, I subscribe to blogs about the PR comms industry, social media, marketing, architecture, cooking, health and design. The posts I enjoy the most tend to take no more than 2 minutes to read and I really like posts about concepts that haven’t come to fruition yet.

Do you want to know my personal feelings and thoughts about the industry I work in or would you rather random insights about all sorts of topics?

So tell me… I listening!



  1. Hheheh Great image – says it all! definitely random insghts about all topics are my faves. Plus that way, you can cross over into other areas (which may lead to other subjects or categories)

    • Thanks! And a big thank you for your support for my blog. It certainly helps having an established blogger like yourself offering comment, advice and support. My 21 Days got broken yesterday when I literally fell asleep too early in the piece to get a post out but it’s the first thing I thought about today so the habit must be forming! Will look at refining my categories too. Thanks, enjoy the day!

  2. In general–when it comes to reading blogs I like to connect with something ‘new’ that stimulates and engages me no mattter what the subject or topic. I also appeciate a ‘voice’ that knows itself and is expressive of the person pounding the keyboard. Btw, came here via echostain’s blog.

    • Thanks for reading my blog Eva and yes, I love reading outside my usual topics of interest and work, which is PR communications and social media. I appreciate so much of echostains’ content because it sparks me to think outside the areas I generally operate within. Glad you’ve enjoyed my stuff! 🙂

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