Queen Vic Markets

The many marvelous markets Melbourne offers have become a fond favourite of mine. Tonight the Suzuki night markets at Queen Victoria Markets came to an end for the season. I celebrated with some wonderful people whom I have also grown very fond of here in Melbourne.

For a few hours it seems the whole of Melbourne has come to grab some dinner, peruse the stalls and soak up the atmosphere that is busy but buzzing. Aromas from the different food stands swell around the queues that are plenty but well worth the wait in most cases.

To list a few food stalls there is Turkish, Indian, Spanish, Chinese, German, Greek, Vegetarian, Mauritian, Aussie and more.

Tonight I enjoyed a Greek lamb souvlaki followed by rum’n’raisin/honeycomb ice cream and a sample of puffertjes (the spelling of these mini pancakes escapes me!). The selection left me full and happy.

I love the night markets and it’s sad to see them go but many other wonders of Melbourne are getting ready to set upon this lively city, namely the Food and Wine Festival next month.

This is just one of many markets that delight the locals and I recommend anyone in Melbourne – local or visiting – explore as many as possible!


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