Reading outside the lines

With so much content to absorb and a Google Reader that is starting to bulge I am sometimes overwhelmed by the amount of industry related reading that can be done. It really is never-ending and I am resigned to the fact that one can not get through it all.

I can also feel overloaded with writings from the PR, comms and social media space that I can get a bit of a tunnel vision in my thinking.

My boss David suggested the importance of reading outside the usual texts, authors and bloggers in my list. These ‘other’ readings can help you form your ideas and thinking because your mind is on another track but still rich with the work-related learning.

So last night I opened ‘Extra confessions of a working girl’ to see what kind of higher thinking will evolve… not sure if this is exactly what he had in mind!

Extra Confessions of a Working Girl

Pic: Amazon



  1. Kimberley, Its an excellent piece of advice to read outside a niche industry. I think about it from two angles.

    Firstly and personally the more important, it gives you a break from what is essentially work. Consuming and analysing work/industry related content can become monotonous and a chore at times (yes – even when we love what we do!). Reading material outside of what we do for a buck is a great escape of sorts. To break things up, I try reading between 2-5 non social media, pr & comms articles or reports a day as well as a couple of books – fiction or non fiction every couple of months.

    Secondly – ideas. Fresh ideas and the ability to think laterally. Reading how folks in other industries come up with solutions to problems and finding applications in comms/pr is a fantastic. There is no point re-inventing the wheel when all we have to do is find a meaningful way to use for own purposes.

    Keep up the 21 days.

    • Thanks a million for stopping by to read my blog AND taking the time to comment! It’s really the most encouraging thing to know people are reading and your comment makes it that much more special. So thank you.

      Do you have any reading that you recommend outside the industry? I am about to read a book I picked up at a random $1 book sale called ‘The Integrity of the Personality’ by Anthony Storr. It was published in 1960, a Penguin Book.

      You are so right about fresh thinking and ideas. Reading is such a valuable skill and luxury – such a great way to ignite the imagination and get the brain ticking over.

      We really must catch up – I think I will have to take a Friday to come to Sydney and see all the lovely Sydney tweeps. Do you go to #coffeemornings at single origin on Fridays?

      Hope you’ve got a cracker of a weekend ahead. 😀


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