Forming another habit

My last post dated 14 February and it is now 22 February which is not good news for achieving my goal of blogging at least twice a week. Looking back at my ’21 days to a better habit: daily exercise’ quest, I feel I must now use this therapeutic tool to boost my blogging efforts.

Starting from … now.

So here is the caveat to my ’21 days to a better habit: blogging’ journey – as I am dramatically increasing my efforts I am not sure what kind of content will pour from my creative being (*ambitious but positive outlook*). If it veers down the random path or ventures along struggle street, please forgive and perhaps come back towards the end of the 21 days when I will no doubt (*note hopeful tone*) be in the rhythm of frequent blogging.

All advice, tips and tales about your blogging efforts welcome…



  1. Hi! I blog every day. Last year I only missed 4. I have different categories, so that if I run out of steam on one – I’ll look to see which I’ve neglected for a bit..
    The more you blog the easier it gets. I don’t do very long posts, but I make sure they’re visually stimulating with images. I have been known just to put the TV Test card on if I’m out for the day and know that I”l be too tired when I get in lol! I always schedule my posts to come on around 5 past midnight and publicise them on Twitter.
    Good Luck Kimberly

    • Thanks Lynda and wow, you are certainly an inspiration and encouragement for me to keep on blogging. Will take your category advice on board – I have vague categories but I think I need to look closer at the niche areas I like to talk/blog about. I was worried I would have nothing to blog about on a daily basis but I realise this is what I am overcoming by blogging everyday! It’s funny how many thoughts and ideas pop into my head during a single day but when I sit down to blog I get brain freeze! Thank you. Really appreciate your support.

  2. Your welcome Kimberlley. Another tip – try to put a pic on too – people love something to look at (plus you have the extra info under your image). Thats exactly what I do – anything that pops into my head, or the click of a camera when your out and about. The scheduling facility is dead handy too – it means that I am always blogging in advance. Althoug the echostains is an everyday blog – the Bookstains one is more leisurely and I don’t feel guilty if I leave it a few days!
    Good blogging!

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