Up north at Brunswick Heads with the Lee family

I spent a gorgeous four days up the NSW north coast with my family to catch up with mum’s side of the family for our Christmas celebration. Stayed at a charming place called Brunswick Heads which I highly recommend. Cute little town with enough to keep you busy for a few days and only about half an hour drive from Byron Bay.

We stayed in a great big holiday house facing the river on one side and the ocean on the other. Ideal really. Had a laugh pumping for nippers and then using them for bait to not catch fish. Although Mum caught some decent dinner size bream after I’d left. Had a plunge in the surf and visited the Brunswick markets which come round once a month. The frozen mango coated in chocolate is better than any packet dessert and the active honey is addictive.

If you do get along be sure to dine at Rice – it’s Indonesian and is stunning. The chef is genius and blends and balances the flavours of the fresh ingredients to perfection. The Bruns (as locals call it) pub is also a winner. Everything you need is in the one block of shops, services, cafes and restaurants.

I did leave a little piece of Melbourne there too – my cousin is 10 and loves the Melbourne Storm even though he has never been to Melbourne or has no real reason to feel emotional about them. Funny little misguided boy but he is emotional about them nonetheless so I took him a cap from the Storm shop in Richmond (VIC). Definitely worth his massive grin and remark “Is this from the real Storm shop? Wow! I’m glad I didn’t get one from the markets.” Bless.


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