Should I change the colour of my personal brand…

I wear black a lot. Even before I moved to Melbourne but as far back as about ten years. Actually, I wear black, white and grey sometimes. Mainly because I know it’s always going to match and it can take just 20 minutes for me to get ready from bed to out-the-door. Not bad for a girl, so I’ve been told.

Wearing black has become somewhat of a trademark for me. The benefits are: easier to keep clean, slimming, you don’t really have to colour match shoes/bags, easy to dress up with a few simple jewels, you can wear the same thing days in a row and no-one really notices because to them it’s all black (although I haven’t done this – I have enough same colour clothing not to!).

I have worn a few pieces of colour and when my Mum was in charge of my wardrobe I wore flouro a lot, which happened in the 80s. But now I think I look “random” (keeping with the teenage theme) in colour. Perhaps it’s that I am not used to it. Or perhaps all my other features have grown around the premise of only wearing neutrals… Either way, it has become part of my personal brand. E.g. someone who had long dark hair looked like me from the back but they weren’t wearing black so my friends knew it wasn’t me. And they were right.

So do I diversify and face my fear of wearing colour? Or stick with what has become a part of my personal brand (and, quite frankly, it suits me)?



  1. Apart from suiting everyone equally, black is not actually a colour, but a shade.
    Your choice of colour therefore is more like choosing not to participate.

    My suggestion would be, as a young attractive vibrant woman, that you expand your horizons. Experiment with seasonal colours, but of course never too many at the same time.

    If colour concerns you, or you feel like you might have issues colour-matching, there are some lovely apps for the iphone which can present you some choices of complimentary colours (like the Peppermint app, for example)… that’s for the really colour-challenged among us though – and I don’t think you necessarily need that.

    We are all just animals attracted by shiny things. Allow yourself to shine a little more.

    Just my 2c 🙂

  2. I definitely think you’d rock any colour you wore KL, I don’t think you need to wear black for slimming purposes, you have a lovely figure. I don’t think you need black as a ‘brand’ because your personality and vibrancy speak much louder than the black and whites you wear could ever be.

  3. Thanks for your comments! As it happens, I am wearing grey today…

    yes, Milo you will say it is just another shade of grey but at least it’s not black, right?!

    “Akisa” – yes, I agree, it;’s in the style not the colour. From one black wearing lady to another – classic and simple colour for an individual style works well.

    Kimberley S – you’re a sweetheart, thank you! I would hope people know me for my personality and not for the clothes I wear. I’m not a “fashionista” (what and ugh word) so it’s not really part of who I am in that sense.


  4. You may wish to check out some posts I have created re black and how to create a powerful dynamic personal brand – I was interviewed on TV recently (airing next week) re why people should avoid over doing black. Will post a link when it goes to air on my site in case you would like to see it.

    I think Anna Wintour sums up the non-verbal aspects of what we consciously choose to wear:

    “Clothes provide an expression, they can attract people to you, they can meld with your personality, they can impact your mood. There’s the pleasure one gets from an acquisition. One thing that’s inarguable is that it’s pervasive. And it’s essential, it’s fundamental. Even if what you’re saying is ‘f..k fashion’ you’re saying something with what you wear.”

    Anna Wintour – editor American Vogue

    Hope you check out my site and find it interesting. Thanks for your post

    • Thanks for your advice and the link to your site! I suppose the main thing for me is about feeling good and this usually relates back to health, fitness and feeling comfortable. So it’s not so much about clothes making me feel good, rather, other aspects and the garments are secondary.

      However, come back to me in a few months time and I may have ventured out into the world in colour!

  5. Hey classic. I also wear black and whilst I am a guy, a lot of your motives for wearing black cross promote with mine.

    Colour has it’s place and it’s not always on t shorts or jeans or skirts. Art, walls, thongs, sox, swimmwear, surfboards, etc is for colour. T shirts are black and if you are a black wearer, stick with it, it suits you.

    • Thanks Ben! We should get together for a black-clothes-but-not-goths convention! I will start exploring with colour here and there with a top or accessories but I doubt you’ll see me in a colourful carmen miranda floral ensemble any time soon. ever. I am low maintenance but I like to look polished so black, white and grey work well for me. thank you and I look forward to reading more from uncluttered white spaces… some interesting articles. 🙂

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