Finding the value of Foursquare

I’ve been on Foursquare for a couple of weeks now and actively (read: remembering) to check in during the last two to three weeks. I am now finding the value in this app, a geo-tagger and my way of keeping track of the places I visit in Melbourne as well as seeing where other people go for recommendations. As a new(ish) kid in town with plenty to see, Foursquare is becoming a novel way to log the cafes and restaurants I visit.

At this stage I have only checked in to food places but I would like to start checking in to some other places as well, such as galleries, theatres and other places that aren’t based on feeding one’s face.

Now that I am finding the value-add in the sharing of community knowledge via Fourquare I am sure I will become a keener, more avid user. Although I am wary of the stalker potential this has so perhaps I’ll”check out” instead and log my presence as I’m leaving…

Find me on Foursquare: kimberleyl

PS: here is the pic I have added to my Foursquare profile just then but it looks kind of squashed on the profile …. this is the original!

Foursquare Photo



  1. Hi K, leaving a comment under my alias (hehe). Lovely to meet you at the Korean BBQ restaurant.. We should definitely try to go to Hwaro (where we had intended but was closed) as that Dae Jang Geum place was totally not spicy. At. All. I have 2 blogs – and

    • Hello ‘Akisa’. Love that you have an alias… maybe I should get one! Was so great to meet you and your blogs are amazing – you are so dedicated to keeping them updated and sharing your knowledge. I am to get two per week out but even this has proven to be a challenge… it’s not that I don’t have things to say, it’s finding the motivation to go home and turn on the computer after a day at work in front of the computer. Would love to try Hwaro with you and Joyce – perhaps in the next week or two? Will Tweet you 🙂

  2. I must confess to a nagging sense of guilt that I haven’t properly got my head round FourSquare yet.

    The last time I felt it as strongly was pre-Twitter, so I guess I’m going to ahve to get to grips…


    Tim – Mumbrella

    • Tim – don’t feel guilty about it otherwise you’ll make me (and no doubt many others) feel guilty for not amping up our own action in other online spaces. There are so many to be ‘in’ … how do you choose which to commit to?

      Beware the stalker factor with FourSquare … I tend to ‘check out’ and actually ‘check in’ when I leave somewhere.

      When you are on FourSquare be sure to let me know. 🙂


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