Melbourne is Ace

I’ve been back from Sydney for just one week now and already I have done so many great new things in my new-ish city of Melbourne (is four months still considered new?). Here is a brief list:

  • Went to a social media night Silicon Valley Drinks at Little Creatures (also a first at this fab venue)
  • Checked in to Foursquare at nearly all relevant places I’ve visited
  • Sat on a park bench in the city for a long chat with a new friend
  • Learned to play poker
  • Went and heard live music at a pub (this is my first time in Melbourne!)
  • Invited myself to a Facebook group (long story short, it was so I could “attend an event” a friend had already invited me to offline … although it wasn’t her group so there was a fair amount of randomness in my action!)
  • Made a hook turn
  • Cooked quinoa properly
  • Went to a cafe in Port Melbourne

Loves it.

Endnote: Apologies for the bad “ace” dad joke in the headline!



    • hehe, thanks lovely! I do admit it was assisted with the flashing sign and line marking where to drive up to but it was still a hook turn. It was on the way to South Melbourne Markets off Clarendon St. Hook turns for beginners!!

    • Thanks Ian! Yes, I am on my way… that’s a great suggestion. Will add them to the diary. Definitely want to get to the tennis – I’m a mad tennis fan from way back. I’ll have to check out movies in the park. Have heard of the rooftop movies but not the park variety!

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