Just another new year post

As unoriginal as this is, yes, I am writing a ‘looking into 2010’ post. Without looking too far back into the year that was 2009, a quick recap will contextualise the forthcoming year. Last year I had major surgery on my feet with a 6 month recovery time (and by recovery the Dr means ‘6 months until you can start to re-learn to do normal things’). Another small note was moving to Melbourne from Sydney mid-September and starting a new job at parkyoung in October.

So here I am thinking about all the things I would like to achieve in 2010 and then layering them with a film of reality, perspective and pragmatism. I prefer to use the concept of ‘goals for the year’ rather than resolutions because I feel there is more leeway with a goal – as long as you reach it by the deadline it doesn’t matter so much if you veer off path along the way to achieving this goal.

In brief and without explanation, excuse or disclaimer, here are some of my goals for the year:

  • Blog twice a week
  • Read one book per month
  • Write more letters (anything more than 2 will achieve this goal!)
  • Run around the Tan
  • Get back to 2 spin classes per week
  • Cook new things and keep a recipe log (or blog perhaps)
  • Fit into the dresses I no longer fit in to
  • Attend more galleries, museums and exhibitions
  • Be more selfless

I have no doubt this list will change along the way but this is the starting point on this day, 5 January 2010. What are some of yours?

The dawning of a new year



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