The transferrable list

Every week for the past two months I have moved ‘wash glass doors’ from my iPhone calendar to the following weekend’s tasks. No, it is not a particularly joyous weekend activity but one that should get done, if only so I can enjoy the view/sunlight that is trying to break through the grime and stream untainted into my living room.

I have had time to do this every week for the past two months but it is just one of those things that keeps getting pushed back further and further into the year. For some reason I just can’t find the motivation to fill the bucket with soapy water and scrub those glass doors.

It is on the small and luxurious list of things to do next weekend and now that I’ve put it out there, I wonder if I will actually do it next week.

Glass doors in a good clean light

This was taken when I first moved in...three months ago



    • Yes, the vacuuming one gets me! Sometimes, by some stroke of creative genius, I can justify ways to delete items from this moveable list … only in rare moments though. Thanks!

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