Appreciating the differences

I went back to Sydney on the weekend for a wedding and the trip really made me appreciate the differences between Sydney and Melbourne. The old Sydney versus Melbourne debate is a farce and not something I support or weigh in to because the cities are just too different to compare in a ‘which do you like better’ poll.

There are a few ways of describing the differences between the cities. I have been using the Sydney as bling, Melbourne as classic style simile for a while which was only highlighted during my trip back to Sydney. But one of the funniest I have heard came from someone who was perhaps from Sydney. It goes like this:

Melbourne is Sydney’s uglier sister who has had to develop a better personality than Sydney.

I don’t know about the ‘uglier sister’ part of the analogy but I do think Melbourne has a warmer, more welcoming personality than Sydney where everything is shiny and showy and just a little bit tacky in some places.

No matter how many pros and cons there are, I will always have a special place for both cities in my heart. There will always be a little more something special for Sydney but only because it has the advantage of being the place where I have grown up and where my family is. There is nothing better than family. Perhaps I can get them to move down here….

My family


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