21 Days to a better habit

In a bid to get into the good habit of exercising in the mornings I asked the tweeps for advice about the length of time it takes to form a habit. The general response was 21 days. And so I began my quest to make use of being awake at 6 am and instead of lying in bed thinking I should get up and get moving,  I actually did. And I have made it through with 20+ kms on the bike at my apartment’s gym and a few days of yoga to stretch and vary things up a bit.

I will only know if there is truth in the 21 day rule if I am continuing to stride into the gym bleary eyed in the days and weeks to come but I have a good feeling. That and too many people know about my determination to get into the habit and, in the guise of not letting them down, I shall continue to be diligent with my workouts. But my fitness fellows really know that if I stopped now, I would only be letting myself down (sounds like something The Commando or Michelle Bridges would say).

An hour of exercise daily isn’t much and when it’s in the early(ish) hours of the morning when not much else is happening, why not get it done. And I feel great throughout the day. And it frees up the evenings. So yes, this is one habit I would like to keep.

Perhaps my next goal should be 21 days to daily blogging….

Day 21 - a newly formed habit


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