I am an awkward teenage boy

In a recent video interview about social media that I had taken by the lovely George Hall at Tweet Up Mellers (#twums) last Thursday I am now most certain about the fact that I am awkward in front of a camera. Having already established my awkwardness in front of cameras, it is no surprise that I turn into a freakish being when in front of a camera. However, this highlights the importance of media training for anyone who may be speaking to stakeholders, the media or any audience whom they would not normally confront on a regular basis. There is nothing worse than seeing the authority spokesperson turn into an awkward teenage boy in front of a camera; worse when it is during crisis management.

Media training is essential for credibility, strength of message and maintaining an authoritative and trustworthy voice. I think I’ll get some hours up practicing video blogging … although that is not to say the practice footage will ever see they light of day!

NB: my awkwardness does not by any means reflect the talents of George; it’s all mine.




  1. Some salient points raised here.

    Public speaking in any area, not just social media, requires becoming comfortable with cameras and crowds. But even the best public speakers all had to start with that very first case of stage nerves. It’s like everything in life, though. We get better at it, more practiced and more comfortable with speaking.

    By the way, Kimberley, you were a natural in that interview. You did better than you thought.

    Compliments on a great interview.

    • I recently read another blog (sorry I can’t remember who!) about the value of a good video and I know the delightful Jim (@jimboot) is one for video so I think I may just get into it. Was fortunate enough to sit in with Tina (@TinainMelbourne) during her SBS Croatian radio show yesterday and I think it’s fantastic to share that extra dimension; so much more that just type. Will keep you updated with video progress via my blog. 🙂

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