Thinking about procrastinating

Whenever I have a list of ‘things I need to do this week’ it is always the same items that get transferred from one day to the next and then on to the week following. For me, it is generally things that don’t have a make or break deadline motivating me to just get it done. Or things I know I can improvise when the time calls for it.

Here are some of the to-do items that have been shifted on my list this past week:

  • write letters to family and friends (yes, letters, the old fashioned pen and paper ones) – PENDING (still, moved from the day I arrived in Melbourne; I have been emailing and speaking on the phone to these people on the list so I don’t feel quite so bad for not yet writing the letters I said I would)
  • washing – PENDING (working from home office tomorrow means I will have time to face the coin laundry for the 7am shift … justified not doing it on the weekend with the glorious weather too good to miss and that the laundrette is generally busier on weekend than early Monday)
  • buy side table for living room – PENDING (the upturned box is working just fine at present and it really can wait until I am serendipitously passing Ikea)
  • read a number of books – PROGRESSING (have started two of the three sitting on my living room table … at least I’ve started, right?)

However, in place of getting these items done I have accomplished a number of other things this week including getting back into the routine of working, getting back on the exercise bike four days a week and cooking a slice for my cousin whom I also had over for dinner (I cooked as well).

I’ve also hosted a friend at Club K, been to Brunswick St for dinner and European Cafe and Little Cupcakes the following day after taking guest on a Kimberley walking tour of Melbourne city (exact route still a little shaky). Continuing on, I have done my grocery shopping at the Queen Vic Markets with the lovely Lindsay Mchugh before collapsing on the lounge for some brainless DVD time even before marinating a cooking chicken and veg for one.

So, whilst I will be having an early morning breakfast date with the washing machine tomorrow I am more than pleased with the outcomes of this week. Although I do hope I’ll be transferring fewer items over to next week by the time Sunday rolls around again.

New slice I made instead of doing my washing. At least it tasted good.

New slice I made instead of doing my washing. At least it tasted good.


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