Operation Relocation complete – 1 month in Melbourne

My never fail super easy slice I bakedNever fail super easy slice I’ve baked a few times

A lot has happened over the past four weeks. I have packed, driven from Sydney to Melbourne, unpacked, met new people, made new friends, baked yummy things and cooked interesting dinners, been to a social media conference, visited new places, selected an AFL team and started my new job. Learning to use a coin laundry, driving with trams and avoiding riding on trams contribute to Operation Relocation. And, whilst there is still much to discover and learn about being a local, I feel content to say that Phase One of Operation Relocation is complete.

Phase Two involves learning to use trams with confidence, learning where places and suburbs are located, learning the rules of AFL now that I have a team, purchasing my own washing machine and wondering whether I’ll ever be able to call The Apartment ‘home’. There is much I would like to say but, for the most part, it’s probably only really interesting for me, so here are some starring points I would like to share:

  • parkyoung: being invited to join the affable and pragmatic masters of communication, David Park and Trevor Young (in that order), is an opportunity, honour and great compliment. Their ‘Fresh Experience’ approach and vast knowledge and experience of communications and PR has, at the risk of sounding sucky and gushy,  positioned them on the proverbial pedestal in a light reserved for the likes of Yota or Mr Miyagi. Needless to say, I am the grasshopper… (you can follow us on Twitter @parkyoung )
  • Twitter: yes I have mentioned it before but I can not stress how incredibly Twitter has proved the ‘build your networks before you need them’ theory. I have met amazing people, been to a magazine launch (Fluoro), dinners, coffees, drinks, tweet-ups. And there are still many more people I hope to sit and chat with. Being blown away by the supportive, friendly and kind people of Melbourne with whom I connected before arriving (some before I knew I was even moving) is not something I expected but something I am truly appreciative of and thankful for.
  • East Melbourne: I love ‘The Apartment’ I have moved into and the smell of cigarettes is almost gone. I have some furniture from home which has made it far more comfortable and comforting with the familiarity it also brings. Being able to do grocery shopping at farmers markets is incredible. Walking to the city and a $7 cab ride home is not something I would be doing now if still in Sydney, purely due  to finances. The close proximity of The Apartment to so many streets and hubs rich with culture, cuisine and the elusive ‘cool’ factor is something I am grateful for, particularly on the rare occasions I fill the car with petrol. As it is, I need to schedule in ‘driving days’ to turn over the engine each week.
  • Sydney: not a day goes by when I don’t think of, speak to or email my family (the best family in the whole wide world) and friends back home in Sydney. Having their love and support is priceless. As is their ability to now visit and stay in Melbourne for the small fee of bringing their own towel and sheets until I get a washing machine. Would not normally be required except I have every weekend in October when Club K is fully booked and I refuse to go to laundromat for a set of barely used linen each week.

I realise my Tweeting and blogging has lapsed recently but now that I have a routine I hope to bring you more interesting news and amusing thoughts. So thanks for sticking around…

Here are a few random pics I’ve taken in the last few weeks.

I had to ask a male to help me use the machine

On my MacDaddy at the coin laundry - I had to ask a male to help me use the machine

Photos of family and friends

Photos of family and friends

Ikea drawers I assembled with success (man not included)

Ikea drawers I assembled with success (man not included)

Drinks with Kimberley Santos (@missgiggly) at Tuscan Bar (Paul was there too @kollektor)

Drinks with Kimberley Santos (@missgiggly) at Tuscan Bar (Paul was there too @kollektor)


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