Establish online social networks before you need them – I did!

It has been a little over two weeks since I moved to Melbourne from Sydney and the often quipped advice about establishing your online social networks before you need them has been tried, tested and a proven success. Although I did not intend to be my own case study in practice, the connections I have made via Twitter with people living in Melbourne has come to fruition in the form of many wonderful new friends, web of advice and tips about the currently windy city, and even employment. If it weren’t for the online connections I had made prior to deciding to move, I doubt I would be as happy, settled, exited or ambitious about living a fabulous Melbourne lifestyle.

The proliferation of hashtag events has introduced me to many locals from a range of ages, lifestyles, backgrounds and online experience at TweetUpMellers (#twums), @socialmelb coffee mornings on Fridays (#socialmelb) which were founded by the delightful Kate Kendall (check out her blog, and a few catch-ups organised between new friends. All have been thoroughly enjoyed with few to no awkward moments that can often pepper (or even dominate) new meetings.

I’d like to thank for following for being such lovely, kind, intelligent and welcoming people (in no particular order): Trevor Young, David Park, Kimberley S, Tina, Lindsay, Clare (a Sydney, part-time Melb legend), Georgia, Kate, Yvonne, Ailsa, Sam, Bec, Caroline, Melissa, Nancy, Janet, Renee, George, Kim, Ben, Luke, Andy, Dinesh, Jenna, Steven, Sarah, Frances, Debra, Caitlin, Sandi, Scott, Steve, Debbie, Jimmy, Fiona, Bec, Jade, Andrew, Bambi, Kanthie,

If you’d like to find them, you’ll have to check out my list – sorry, not going through each one to hyperlink but all definitely worth finding and following.

And of course, not forgetting all the amazing Sydney people who I miss and all the Sydney events I am missing. Proud parent moment to see Jen Bishop carrying forth my #prjournolove passion with an event for PRs and Journos. I’ll be meeting with @cshawyer, @mshawyer and the lovely @sourcebottle so see if we can get a Melbourne #prjournolove meet up and running. Watch this space…

PS – I would love to be able to add photos of events and people I’ve met but alas, this is one thing I have not yet mastered or integrated into my daily life. I will try harder.


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